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Celebrating Our Profession

By Colorado School Counselors | January 2023

Celebrating School Counselors: You’re Already Doing It

In “You’re Already Doing It – A Thank You to School Counselors,” Austin Betts shares a brief story about his own experience entering this profession and how it ties to the work school counselors are already doing all over the state.
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Austin Betts is a school counselor at Mountain View High School and CSCA Region 7 representative; contact him at

District-Wide School Counselor Culture

Even though it is so nice to have the first full week in February to celebrate school counselors, the other 51 weeks of the year we can sometimes feel underappreciated at best. This is why it is so important for our school districts to make a positive impact on our district-wide school counselor culture.
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Shirell Renee White is with Pathways Future Center School/Adams 12, and is CSCA Region 10 representative; contact her at

School Counseling: the Soul of Education

This article talks about the various hats that school counselors wear and how they can best be effective in their lives.
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Stephanie Mijo is a college and career counselor with Discovery Canyon Campus High School and a CSCA Legislative Board Member, non-voting.