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Leadership Letter: Serving All Students Through the ASCA National Model

By Katie Doss | March 2024

New Mexico is a diverse and beautiful state that serves more than 300,00 students annually. Our beautiful landscapes vary and so do the needs of our students. In 2018, the Yazzie/Martinez court case brought to light some of the educational inequities for New Mexico students, especially for those who are low income, Native American, students with disabilities and English language learners. Since the case ruling and outlining of the subsequent NMPED plan, New Mexico school counselors, who are ASCA aligned, are well positioned to support all New Mexico students.

ASCA has provided the ASCA National Model and position statements that outline and support our need to meet the diverse educational needs of all students and address possible educational inequities. It is our ethical duty to provide all students in our buildings with a comprehensive school counseling program. The ASCA National Model provides a thoroughly researched and data-driven approach to creating and delivering a comprehensive school counseling program to all students in order to meet their academic, career and social/emotional goals. Many school counselors throughout the state are implementing ASCA National Model programs at their sites – we see you and recognize all the hard work. With so many exemplary counselors and programs, NM school counselors and programs are well prepared to help students and possibly apply for Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) recognition.

The RAMP application is a rigorous process that allows school counselors to highlight some of the amazing things that they are doing to serve all students through a comprehensive school counseling program. One of the components in the process requires a deep dive to look at the school and create a plan supporting better outcomes for those systemic and policy inequities and other concerns. As of February 2024, we learned that at least two schools in our state have received this prestigious recognition. We know that even more amazing school counseling programs are here in the Land of Enchantment. We encourage you to look at your program and at the RAMP process, and consider highlighting your program.

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