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Self-Care and Coping Strategies

By Colorado School Counselors | April 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care

By Amanda Burgess

“We have all heard a million times how important self-care is, and if you are anything like me you wonder, ‘Where am I supposed to fit self-care in between being a full-time mom and a full-time school counselor?’ I have personally struggled with this for years. I know that self-care helps me be better as a mother, school counselor and overall person, but I haven’t always made time for this.” In this article, Amanda Burgess walks you through the changes she has made in her life and shares some suggestions that are recommended by experts. Amanda currently serves as the school counseling lead for SEBOCES and the Region 2 representative for the Colorado School Counselor Association.
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How to Manage as a School Counseling Student When Every Day is Groundhog Day

By Christi Bramwell

Christi Bramwell is a School Counseling graduate student at Colorado State University and a CSCA Graduate Student Liaison. She explores self-care as a graduate student, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty. “As school counseling students, we face extra challenges as we complete graduate school coursework and fieldwork while navigating these uncharted waters. How do we take care of ourselves this time when nothing is going as planned or expected? Let's explore how Phil the weatherman copes as he lives the same day over and over in the movie Groundhog Day, and make a plan for ourselves.”
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Self-Care in a Time of Crisis

By Elise Hauer

“In uncertain times such as these, self-care can sometimes feel indulgent or frivolous. However, it is absolutely necessary to support our mental health and well-being. Practicing self-care is not only in our best interest to remain healthy and balanced, it is also our ethical obligation.” Elise Hauer explains the importance of managing self-care as our duty to the students we serve, rather than something to feel guilty over. Elise is a high school counselor in Thornton, Colorado, and is the CSCA Region 10 representative for Adams and Denver Counties.
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