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Sharing School Counselor Insights

By Colorado School Counselors | May 2022

Traditional high school caseload assignments can lead to groups of students slipping through the cracks. Northridge High School in Greeley, Colo., is finding success in closing the graduation gap for marginalized populations through an alternative way of assigning caseloads. Benefits to staff, administration, parents, counselors and, most important, students are endless. 
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By Bethany Balderrama, School Counselor at Northridge High School and CSCA Region 1 Representative
As we all adjust to a new normal due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, school counselors have quickly stepped in to address the growing concerns around student attendance and engagement. While schools have seen staff shortages and school leaders tackle mounting behavioral challenges, school counselors are asked to fill roles related to attendance that put them in tough ethical positions. Driven by data, we must respond to the changing needs of our students; this includes student attendance. Where is the line regarding a school counselor’s role in student attendance and what can we do to increase student attendance and engagement and decrease chronic absenteeism?
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By Sarah Wilson, CSCA Region 12 Representative, Colorado Springs School District 11
As school counselors and educators, we must make it a priority to stay informed, allow ourselves to change, and become the best versions of ourselves. A few ways we can do this are continuing to stretch our comfort zones, expanding our knowledge surrounding racial inequities and making space for the hard conversations.
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By Shirell White, CSCA Region 10 Representative