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Soar to New Heights by Embracing Your Purpose

By Terri Tchorzynski | May 2022

“When I am presented with a new opportunity I always say ‘yes’ first and worry about how I will get the task accomplished later.” In one of the rare instances in which I was engaging in a conversation on an airplane with a complete stranger (a situation that I usually try to avoid at all costs), he shared this approach to life and it could not have hit any closer to home. In this moment of clarity, this stranger awakened me to how I had been approaching my professional career for the two years prior, which had led to me feeling more purposeful and excited about my work than I have ever had before.

In Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why,” he shares that the most successful people and businesses never worry about the “what” they have to do or how they will get it accomplished, but rather their time and focus is always on their “why.” He goes on to state that when people are driven by their why, they are able to stretch themselves to new heights and find immense satisfaction in what they are doing because it is centered on their purpose.

I share this with all of you because as we round out this extremely challenging year, I encourage you to stay laser-focused on your why, or purpose, for doing this work. It would be easy to feel discouraged by the everyday tasks that have pulled you in numerous directions (the what) or the various decisions that have been made throughout the school year (the how), but my guess is that those are the things that have made you feel frustrated or discouraged at times and are not the reasons you went into this amazing profession. It’s time to recenter yourself in your why, your purpose.

You see, when you are able to operate from your why, you will find yourself in a place that will stretch you personally and professionally because it is driven by something much greater than the minute details of the what and how. It is completely centered on your purpose and reason for doing this work. When you find yourself in this liberating place that is led by something much greater than yourself, you will soar, which will not only benefit yourself but – more important – the students you serve.

As we wrap up this school year and reflect upon what we have accomplished and discover new opportunities to improve our practices to better serve our students, I encourage you to stretch yourself to greater heights by embracing your why and let your heart and mind guide your personal and professional journey. I promise that in doing so, you will see yourself elevated to new heights for your students and find a greater sense of satisfaction for the profession you have been called to serve.

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