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Strengthen Your Position

By Katy O’Grady | September 2018

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Career and technical education, suicide prevention/awareness and supporting students in foster care are the focus of the three new position statements that state delegates voted to adopt at the 2018 ASCA Delegate Assembly. They also approved updated statements on topics including confidentiality, equity for all students, MTSS and the role non-school-counseling-credentialled personnel – see the full list below.
ASCA’s 45 position statements address issues that can affect students’ academic, career and social/emotional development. They create a global position and clarify the school counselor’s role on matters that, in the absence of such guidance, might be subject to differences in philosophy between educators, their administrators and community stakeholders.
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New Position Statements
The School Counselor and Career and Technical Education
The School Counselor and Suicide Prevention/Awareness
The School Counselor and Supporting Students in Foster Care
Revised Position Statements
The School Counselor and Children Experiencing Homelessness
The School Counselor and Confidentiality
The School Counselor and Equity for All Students
The School Counselor and Multitiered System of Supports
The School Counselor and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
The School Counselor and Test Preparation Programs
The School Counselor and the Use of Non-School-Counseling Credentialed Personnel in Implementing Comprehensive School Counseling Programs
To review the full list of school counselor position statement topics, click here.