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By Colorado School Counselors | September 2022

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Let’s Get Practical: The Power of the PLC

By Anna Gisetti
Professional learning communities (PLCs) can often be a source of frustration for educators and seen as a waste of time if not done well or with intention. In this article, Anna provides practical tips and strategies for how school counseling teams can enhance their PLC experiences to stay focused on the things that matter: serving our school communities to the best of our abilities and being our best selves while doing so.
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Anna Gisetti is a school counselor at Carmody Middle School in Lakewood, Colo. She currently serves as the CSCA Region 9 representative and on the Ethics Committee. Contact her at .

Shifting Groups: A Lesson on Abandoning a Plan to Fit Student Needs

By Vicki Helfer

The 2021–2022 school year was incredibly challenging for the school counselors at Aurora Central High School. Despite beginning the year with a RAMP-aligned plan, our calendar was thrown out the window as we began needing to assess our students’ needs daily. In this article, share our lesson learned about how we can always have the best intentions, but sometimes life has other plans.
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Vicki Helfer is a school counselor at Aurora Central High School in Aurora Public Schools and currently serves as the CSCA Region 11 representative. Contact her at