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By Tara M. Gray and Shirell Renee White | September 2021

Social Emotional Learning with Small Group Counseling in Schools: Increasing Student Resilience and Sense of Belonging

 This article presents the rationale for social/emotional learning in group counseling in schools to increase students’ resilience and sense of inclusion and belonging.  Tara Gray presents research and a group model that can be purchased from ASCA to help school counselors start this small group counseling intervention in their schools.
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Tara M. Gray, PhD, LPC, LPSC, ACS, RPT-S, RPT is a licensed professional school counselor at Telluride Elementary School and the vice president of Elementary School Counseling with the Colorado School Counselor Association. She is also associate faculty in the MEd in school counseling program at Prescott College.


Social/Emotional Learning

Social/emotional learning (SEL) has become a priority in most of our schools, and school counselors are at the heart of this work. When we look at the definition of SEL, though, we notice that adults are included as a part of this process, and the important role they play in the lives of students. If our own social/emotional health is not a primary focus, how can we help our students with theirs?
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Shirell Renee White is the Region 10 representative for the Colorado School Counselor Association and a counselor at Pathways in Adams 12.