February 2018

From the Chair: School Counselor Resources for College and Career Readiness

By Beth Jenkins
Florida school counselors have many powerful college and career development tools available. We can use the websites and documents linked below to enhance the school counseling toolbox as we work to meet the college, career and future planning needs of elementary, middle and high school students and families.

This comprehensive education and career planning system is a part of the FloridaShines services hub, the Florida Department of Education’s planning and education portal. MyCareerShines is an engaging and interactive platform that guides students as they explore career pathways and postsecondary options based on their interests, values and abilities. Students can use various inventories, research financial aid opportunities, and use the College & Career Planner. Student accounts remain active year to year. It is free and geared toward middle and high school students.
LaunchMyCareerFL is a free, interactive site developed in cooperation with the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Strada and the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation. This new tool helps students explore college majors and jobs using current data from Florida training programs, colleges, and universities. The website provides valuable information for students as they have conversations about postsecondary options, future well-paying jobs, and career goals.
FSCA’s College and Career Resources Page
You will find links to some to the FLDOE links referenced above as you begin exploring the Career Readiness Resources. From there, check out the information on college applications and scholarships and links to USDOE resources, Bright Futures and FLCAN. Move on to the Finance Your Future tab to find information about a free and interactive program that helps students learn about responsible money management, budgeting, saving, insurance, and financial frauds and scams. The Florida Counseling for Future Education Handbook is available along with other high school graduation resources.
ASCA’s College and Career Conversation Starters
These conversation starters were developed to help school counselors address the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success: K-12 College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Every Student. General Career Conversation Starters and publications specific to middle and high school students and more can be found and easily downloaded for use. You may also want to check out the School Counselor and Career Development position statement that gives specific examples of the role of a school counselor.
Additional Resources for Elementary Students
Elementary school counselors introduce students to careers and the world of work. Explore this link to find games, books and lessons to help elementary students explore the career domain. And remember, there is always Pinterest for ideas on lessons, groups, and creative school-wide events to promote college and career readiness.
I would love to hear how you use these resources or others to connect students and families to future college and career options.

Contact Beth Jenkins, FSCA Executive Board Chair, at chair@fla-schoolcounselor.org