February 2018

President's Letter: For 2018, Passion, Growth and Renewal

By Tammi Mackeben
Welcome to 2018, Lone Star State School Counselor Association! When we begin a new year, it is common to have new year’s resolutions. In fact, about 50 percent of people set new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, research tells us that by the second week of January, most people are off track on their resolutions and by February, most resolutions are out the window. The resolutions that you set for this year must be realistic. Remember to celebrate the small accomplishments, focus on today and be mindful. Here are some tips on starting the year off right.

First, continue the passion in your school counseling career or find the passion if it somehow slipped away. What is something new that you want to start this year? Is it starting new groups on your campus, getting into the classroom more, working more with community agencies or building better relationships with your administration? Abundant resources are out there to help you do just that. LSSSCA has a wonderful resource center on the LSSSCA website that can help you begin anew. Simply visit the site and log in as a member to access the resource page.

Make a resolution to continue the journey to the best comprehensive school counseling program in the state and country. The Lone Star State School Counselor Association now has the ASCA Model Guide, the ASCA Implementation Guide and Making Data Work for sale on the LSSSCA website.

As you implement your program, apply for the Lone Star Award for school counselor programs. This process will help you on the road to the Recognized ASCA Model Program award, RAMP. If you are not currently an ASCA member, join. ASCA provides a wealth of resources for ASCA members for almost any topic you can imagine. Join today at www.schoolcounselor.org or, if you are a member, visit the site and do some research in the ASCA Resource Center.

I also encourage you to recharge this year. Give 100 percent at work, but then take some time for yourself. Attend professional development and rejuvenate. Join your colleagues at the third annual LSSSCA Conference in November of this year, “It’s All About You 2!” The conference will again be at the Frisco Embassy Suites and Convention Center.
Watch for more information on the LSSSCA website. It is so important to give yourself that time to learn, relax and catch up with other professionals who understand the stress of your daily life.

Also remember to partake in the ASCA Webinars (Technology Toolbox, TEAM: Together Everyone Can Achieve, and more) and ASCA U (Greif and Loss Specialists, Mental Health Specialist, and more). These are both great opportunities to build competence and confidence in the job you do every day. Don’t forget to join your fellow Texans and the rest of the country in Los Angeles this summer at the ASCA Conference, July 14-17, 2018.

Take some time now to sit back and decide what your professional resolutions will be. The Lone Star State School Counselor Association is behind you all the way as you take your journey! Make it a great 2018, Texas school counselors!