March 2020

Leading by Connecting

By Michelle Medved
Learning how to market your program is always a challenging task. Whenever you move schools, communities change, or you want to start building a new message around your department, marketing becomes a part of that. From my perspective at the high school level, several ways of doing this involve focusing on stakeholders. What do the different stakeholders in your school and in your community want and need for your school department to accomplish its mission, goals and objectives? ASCA has a great website link: Technology Toolbox for School Counselors that you can access as an ASCA member.

ASCA has set forth several learning objectives for that page, one of which is “To recognize the value of using technology to enhance your school counseling practice.” Over the past few years, I have built a comprehensive website to communicate with my students, families and community. Other methods I introduced include online monthly newsletters, online weekly student announcements, and using to connect with my students who are struggling socially and emotionally by sending out positive messages weekly. This year’s challenge has been to build this in the middle schools that feed into our high school. How can we connect with them in the same way and build a bridge as they come into our school over the next few years as high schoolers?

As ASCA states, “School counselors are facing an increasing number of responsibilities, and technology can help streamline your practice and fulfill your professional responsibilities more efficiently.” Reaching out to PTA organizations and working with your counseling and administrative teams will help build collegiality. This in turn can lead to parent workshops and presentations to students, staff and community members. So, start building your toolbox! ASCA can help and I am also available for questions and help.

Michelle Medved is the Eldorado Crossroads substance abuse resource counselor with Albuquerque Public Schools and NMSCA president-elect. Contact her at