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Cyberbullying and Internet Safety
Workshop Description
Those who work with young people need to be alerted to the dangers of the increased use of the Internet for cyberbullying. School counselors must be trained to combat this issue in a healthy, positive forum within the legal ramifications of the law, to reduce conflicts arising due to Internet exchanges. This workshop includes definitions and examples of cyber-bullying, defines state and local laws, provides an overview of the Isafe program, includes information concerning the latest teen uses of the Internet and group work using examples and analysis of currently used teen sites.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the term “cyberbully.”
  • Discuss the results of cyberbully behaviors among children and teens.
  • Devise a plan of action for your school, and be able to research programs addressing this growing trend.
  • Become aware of new Internet sites and gadgets that may affect children and teens.
About the Presenter
Russell A. Sabella, Ph.D., is currently a professor of counseling in the College of Education, Florida Gulf Coast University and president of Sabella & Associates. His concentration of research, training, consultation and publication includes: individual and group counseling, counseling technology & tech-literacy, comprehensive school counseling programs, peer helper programs and training, solution-focused brief counseling/consultation, cyberbullying and technology safety among children. Sabella is author of numerous journal, magazine and newsletter articles. He is co-author of two books, "Confronting Sexual Harassment: Learning Activities for Teens" (Educational Media; 1995) and "Counseling in the 21st Century: Using Technology to Improve Practice" (American Counseling Association; 2004). He is also author of the popular "SchoolCounselor.com: A Friendly and Practical Guide to the World Wide Web" (2nd edition; Educational Media; 2003), "GuardingKids.com A Practical Guide to Keeping Kids Out of High-Tech Trouble" (2008, Educational Media Corporation) and is well-known for his Technology Boot Camp for Counselor workshops conducted throughout the country. Sabella is a former ASCA president.

Schedule: Half-day training; 0.3 CEUs available to attendees OR full-day training; 0.6 CEUs available to attendees

Cost: $3,000* for full day
*In circumstances requiring extensive travel arrangements, additional fees may apply.  

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