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Closing the Achievement Gap Specialist

Academic, behavior and attendance discrepancies, often referred to as gaps, can exist among student groups. Through targeted and intentional interventions, school counselors can play a crucial role in challenging bias and promoting success for all students, thus closing the achievement gap.

Learning objectives:
Upon completion of this training, participants should be able to:
  • Identify achievement gaps based on school data
  • Design appropriate interventions addressing the identified achievement gap
  • Collect data and write results reports that accurately reflect the achievement gap addressed, the intervention provided and the intervention results
The Closing the Achievement Gap Specialist training is $99 ($249 for nonmembers) and is equal to 5 CEUs/50 Contact Hours. Graduate credit is now available for individuals who complete the Closing the Achievement Gap Specialist after March 5, 2018. 

Please note, access to all webinars, journal article, magazine articles and quizzes is included in the registration price. Books must be purchased separately. 

Materials:  Additional Resources:
Teaching Tolerance
Educators for Social Responsibility
Center for Research on Education, Diversity, & Excellence
National Center for Children in Poverty
Teachers Against Prejudice
Lessons in Tolerance

How to Get Started
  1. Register here to sign up for the Closing the Achievement Gap Specialist training. 
  2. Read/view the above assignments. 
  3. Take your exams to indicate mastery of the subject matter. To access your exams, log in to the ASCA website and click on "My ASCA."  Then click on My Profile. From your My Profile page, click on the “Purchases” tab at the top, then click on “Exams” on the left. Your ASCA U Specialist Course and its affiliated exams will be listed in the center of your screen. Click on “Details” then “Take Quiz” to begin taking and passing your exams.
  4. Once you successfully pass all course exams by correctly answering every question, you can view and download a record of your education credits by going to your “Account” tab at the top of your profile and clicking on the “Education Credits” on the left. A certificate suitable for framing with arrive in the mail within 4-6 weeks.