In Memoriam: Dr. Judy Bowers
By Kwok-Sze Wong, Ed.D., ASCA executive director

One of the ASCA board members couldn’t attend my first board meeting in 2000. She’d been diagnosed with breast cancer a few months earlier and couldn’t travel because of her treatments. But when she returned, Judy Bowers had a tremendous impact on ASCA and the school counseling profession. She served on the ASCA Governing Board for seven years, including one year as president from 2004 to 2005. She was a recipient of the Mary Gehrke Lifetime Achievement award, ASCA’s highest honor. And she was a co-author of the first version of the ASCA National Model, one of the most important documents in the history of school counseling.
Judy was a cancer survivor for 17 years, so I was saddened to learn that she passed away on Aug. 24. I’m sure everyone in Tucson Unified School District joins all of us at ASCA and in the school counseling community as we mourn her passing and honor her life. We’ll always remember and be grateful for the way she touched our lives and transformed the profession. Our thoughts are with her family during this very difficult time.

Funeral information and memorial page

Above photo: Dr. Carolyn Stone, 2006–2007 ASCA president, awarded Dr. Judy Bowers (right) with the Mary E. Gehrke Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.