Get Started With the ASCA National Model
You have made the decision to implement the ASCA National Model, but where do you start? In this workshop, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the ASCA National Model and the framework of a comprehensive school counseling program: Define, Manage, Deliver and Assess. Discover how to align your school counseling program with the mission of the school and district and effectively demonstrate change in student outcomes.
Learning objectives:

After attending this hands-on workshop, you should be able to:  
  • Describe the components of the ASCA National Model, fourth edition
  • Develop or improve the school counseling program through the structure of the ASCA National Model
  • Explain how to collect and use school data to:
    • Identify student needs
    • Write annual student outcome goals
    • Align annual student outcome goals, school counseling program activities and interventions with the school improvement goals
    • Use data to demonstrate the impact of the school counseling program (results reports)
      • Participant data (which students engaged in what activities)
      • Mindsets & Behaviors data (attainment of school counseling student standards)
      • Outcome data (achievement, attendance and discipline)
    • Articulate results to stakeholders
      • Advisory council
      • End-of-year results sharing
  • Structure your school counseling program using action plans and calendars
  • Engage with school stakeholders to develop and improve school counseling program
    • Create and reach agreements with administrators (annual administrative conference)
    • Collect and incorporate stakeholder feedback (advisory council)
  • Discuss the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP)
Please note, the workshop may be adjusted to some extent based on participants’ needs and progress. 

Schedule: Full-day training; 0.6 CEUs available to attendees

Cost: $3,000*
*In circumstances requiring extensive travel arrangements, additional fees may apply.  

To bring this professional development workshop to your district, e-mail Jennifer Walsh