The ASCA National Model: Data-Driven School Counseling
School counseling programs must be built on beliefs and a vision for how the program fits into the school’s mission.
In implementing the ASCA National Model, you’ve ascertained that school counseling decisions must be supported by three factors: data, data and more data. Although school counselors typically collect information about their activities, data should also demonstrate concrete results of the program. Explore the data elements school counselors can be proficient in collecting, analyzing and interpreting such as demographic data, attainment data, achievement data, student discipline data, opportunity data and program assessment data including participation, Mindsets and Behaviors and outcome data.
Data doesn’t just apply to school counseling however. This training can also target entire school teams, including school counselors, teachers and administrators, interested in learning how to increase the school counseling program’s impact on student achievement. Participants develop skills to build and measure action plans, which helps them implement a program to address the achievement gap. 
Learning objectives:
After attending this hands-on workshop, you should be able to:
  • Review the ASCA National Model, focusing on the Assess component
  • Distinguish between participation, mindsets and behaviors, and outcome data
  • Share progress/status of school counseling classroom and group mindsets and behaviors action plan,  or closing-the-gap action plans (implementation success, challenges, assessment plans and outcome data)
  • Discover how to gather, disaggregate and assess a wide variety of data to create effective action plans and results reports to demonstrate growth for students
  • Prioritize goals to address achievement gaps
  • Demonstrate how using data to monitor student progress connects the school counselor’s work to the school’s mission
  • Communicate how using data engages decision makers, school improvement teams and the school counselor in closing-the-gap activities
  • Identify methods for teaming and collaborating to create or improve the school counseling program structure
Please note, the workshop may be adjusted to some extent based on participants’ needs and progress.

Schedule: Full-day training; 0.6 CEUs available to attendees

Cost: $3,000*
*In circumstances requiring extensive travel arrangements, additional fees may apply.  

To bring this professional development workshop to your district, e-mail Jennifer Walsh