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School Counseling Core Curriculum Development
A comprehensive school counseling program requires school counselors to develop core curriculum and small group lessons, but the intricacies of curriculum development often aren’t covered in graduate school. Learn the basics of school counseling curriculum design and construction so that you can deliver the most effective lesson plans to meet the unique needs of your students.
Learning objectives
After attending this workshop, you will be able to
  • Articulate the importance of culturally responsive curriculum design
  • Use data to identify curriculum needs
  • Develop curriculum goals using the ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors 
  • Identify the components of well-written objectives
  • Align school counseling curriculum with classroom content
  • Describe the principles of active learning
  • Identify the components of a well-written lesson plan
  • Distinguish between using assessment versus using evaluation
  • Recognize critical aspects of well-designed rubrics
Schedule: Full day training; 0.6 CEUs available to attendees

Cost: $3,000* for full day
*In circumstances requiring extensive travel arrangements, additional fees may apply.  

To bring this professional development workshop to your district, e-mail Jennifer Walsh