RAMP: It Starts With Vision and Mission
Get introduced to the first components of the RAMP application process: vision and mission. Discover how to write a powerful and effective vision and mission statement that will foster the implementation of a successful school counseling program. Get an overview of the components of a vision and mission statement and address how to write a statement based on shared beliefs.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to write an effective vision and mission statement.
  • Understand the benefits of an effective vision and mission statement in the development of a school counseling program.
  • Discover the components needed in the RAMP application process in reference to vision and mission statements.
  • Understand what reviewers are looking for in your RAMP application for your vision and mission components.
Tammi Mackeben is coordinator of guidance and counseling, Socorro Independent School District, El Paso, Texas, and was the 2008 School Counselor of the Year.

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