Technology Toolbox for School Counselors
School counselors are facing an increasing number of responsibilities, and technology can help streamline your practice and fulfill your professional responsibilities more efficiently. Learn how free, fun and easy-to-use technology tools can help you achieve your professional goals.  Focus on free, simple and fun online tools to connect with other school counselors and grow your toolbox of skills.

Learning objectives:
After attending this webinar you should be able to:
  1. Recognize the value of using technology to collaborate.
  2. Identify technology tools that support efficiency.
  3. Use technology to enhance your school counseling program.

Angela Cleveland consults for NCWIT’s Counselors for Computing division and has 15 years' experience as a school counselor,.  She is a Google-Certified Educator, an executive board member and webmaster for the New Jersey School Counselor Association. 

Jane Krauss is a curriculum and program development consultant for NCWIT. She guides the Counselors for Computing program, as well as the development of Programs-in-a-Box and other turnkey resources. Krauss has co-authored two books on the topic of project-based learning and consults with K-12 organizations in support of curriculum reform.

Stephen Sharp is a school counselor and Apple-Certified Educator. He frequently presents on technology, emerging career skills, mental health and race in education.

Dana Wile is a high school counselor and board member of the Lancaster County School Counselors Association. Wiles uses technology to streamline program planning; for example planning the county Leadership Summit: Dialogues on Racism and building support plans for students.  

Mar. 14, 2018, 3-4 p.m. Eastern