Working With Sexually Active Students
Get an overview of current legal and ethical practices around school counselor behavior when working with sexually active students. Topics include notifying parents of their child's pregnancy, pregnant students and state law, pregnancy as a temporary disability, sexually active students and school counselors' values, aiding a student in getting an abortion, and sexual violence and dating violence among students.
Learning Outcomes
  • Explore and demystify some of the legal complexities of counseling sexually active minors in schools.
  • Examine state and federal laws governing educators' work with sexually active students.
  • Learn to advocate with legal muscle in support of confidentiality for sexually active students.
  • Hone ethical and legal decision-making skills to know when it's time to breach confidentialty of pregnant students.
Carolyn Stone, Ed.D., is a professor of counselor education at the University of North Florida, a former ASCA president and current ASCA ethics chair.