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Addressing Student Anxiety

By CSCA Leaders | December 2019

Student Anxiety: “I’m having a meltdown!” Now what?
By Ann Halcromb, CSCA Middle School VP and Counselor for Mesa Middle School in Castle Rock, CO
“Stress. Anxiety. Panic attack. Meltdown. Mental breakdown. These are terns I hear from my students every day, with increasing frequency. Anxiety in young people is on the rise. What’s the answer when it comes to best supporting these students?” Find out more about Ann’s strategies and tools.

Inspiring Daily Work with Students Facing Anxiety
By Tim Garland, CSCA Region 12 Representative and Counselor at Doherty High School in Colorado Springs, CO.
“I regularly tell people that being a school counselor is the best occupation ever! There are so many opportunities for us to make a positive difference in students’ lives every day. Today students share they are feeling anxious a lot. While there are several different types of anxiety disorders, what is common to all is the extreme feelings of anxiety that impact daily life functions such as completing assignments, engaging in activities or sports, or even taking care of self.”
Tim discusses what to look for in students who may be struggling with anxiety and how we can better connect with them. Read Tim’s complete article.
Differentiating Anxiety, Stress, and Worry
By Dan Lee, President of CSCA
“Anxiety has many definitions from many different places. Many times, we hear students say ‘I have anxiety’ or the guardians say ‘My student has anxiety,’ but there is a difference between anxiety and feeling stress, or even feeling anxious.” Dan Lee, CSCA president, helps us understand these differences and make them more manageable for our students. Read the complete article from Dan.