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From the Executive Director: Giving Gratitude

By Matthew McClain | December 2019

At this time of the year, we often get caught up in the all the busy things happening with our jobs, families and life in general. I am reflecting back over this school year and it seems like it just began! I feel like we just had our CSCA annual conference, but that was two months ago now. In this season of gratitude, I think about the opportunity I have to work with students and the honor it is to work with CSCA to advocate on behalf of school counselors in Colorado and for our profession.

In December we held elections for the CSCA board. I am thankful for those individuals who are willing to volunteer to help realize the vision that CSCA is working toward. In its behind-the-scenes work, the board continually uses our mission/vision as a lens in viewing the efforts we support, the activities we promote, and the legislation we are fighting for or against. As members, we are recipients of the work done by all the committees that are working on behalf of our members and our profession.

So, in this busy season, if you see a board member or receive communication from our board members, take a moment and thank them for their hours of service. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I thank you for your membership in our professional organization. Your member dues allow us to do work that benefits members, which in turn benefits our students.

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