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Liability Insurance

All professional and student ASCA members are automatically covered for $1 million in professional liability coverage at no additional cost. Learn more.

For ASCA student professional liability coverage, please follow the procedures below:
Complete the input-capable Certificate of Insurance Form. (You must have Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file and input information.) Enter your name, address and ASCA membership number. Please print two copies of your certificate of insurance form before exiting the website; retain one copy for your records and give a copy to your educational institution. (Note: Certificates are not personalized; however, the generic certificate along with proof of membership should be sufficient to show proof of insurance.)

Note: For ASCA professional members, coverage is only available for W-2 employed educators working in a U.S.-based school. Contract employees are not eligible for coverage. For ASCA student members, coverage is only available for students attending a U.S.-based school.