Congratulations on all your hard work on the RAMP application. You've shown real dedication to your school counseling program. Before you upload and submit your application, take these final steps. 

1. Ensure your application covers one full school year. 

2. Proofread the application for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

3. Ensure the application is clear and understandable for someone unfamiliar with your program. Review the rubric for an exemplary application to be sure your application hits all the requirements.

4. Create file names for the uploaded documents that clearly reflect the file contents.

5. Keep a copy of all the application parts, including the narratives, in electronic or paper form.

6. Review all components of the online application submission.

7. Pay the application fee ($250 for schools with an ASCA member; $500 for schools without an ASCA member).

8. Hit "finalized and submit" button.