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Need help applying for RAMP? Want to know if it's worth your time? Not sure how to get started? Following are some resources to answer your questions. The resources below are for the fourth edition. Resources for the third edition are available here. Helpful Webinars Videos
Why #RAMPUp? Check out these videos from some RAMP schools explaining why they went through the RAMP process  -- and what they learned along the way. Helpful Tips
Remember, RAMP is about the school counseling program and not individual school counselors.

Make sure to thoroughly review "The ASCA National Model Implementation Guide (second edition)" and the scoring rubric.

For more help with data collection and analysis, consult "Making DATA Work."
Understand the difference between participation, Mindsets & Behaviors and outcome data.

Follow the monthly checklist to ensure you stay on track to meet the submission deadline.

Use the narratives to provide a rationale and explanation for the information submitted and to provide an understanding of the process.

Read the RAMP application process
  • Ensure the application covers one full school year. 
  • Proofread the application for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Ensure the application is clear and understandable for someone unfamiliar with your program.
Create file names for the uploaded documents that clearly reflect the file contents.

Keep a copy of all the application parts, including the narratives, in electronic or paper form.

Review all components of the online application submission before hitting the final "finalized and submit" button.